Is that too much to ask?

This week my husband’s grandmother passed away. She was 93 year old, never took more than a multi-vitamin in her life. She did however, several years back, begin her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was a long journey, spending 10 years in a nursing home. She had 5 children, 12 grandchildren…and so many great grand children there’s just to many to count…and even one great great grandson. She had an amazing life. 

So this brings me to mortality…I wonder what will happen to my son when something happens to me or my husband. He should live long after us, but who will take care of him? It’s a difficult topic to think about but as my back feels the carrying of a 38 pound boy that seems to get taller each day, it’s something we need to consider. It’s a lot to put on anyone person. I really don’t want him to go into a nursing home. I want the world to be his oasis. I want him to enjoy his life to the fullest extent. I haven’t even begun considering who it would be. Who would follow my wishes? Who would step up to the plate & do the best things for him? Who could take on such a responsibility? He’s a little high maintence. He has cerebral palsy, it effects his entire body. He has to be fed. His daily grooming, hygeine and dressing needs to be done. He needs to be sung to, often, various songs. He needs to be LOVED. He needs to be accepted and encouraged to do things. He needs to be understood even in his non-verbal ways. He needs someone that will have the patience to take care of him. He needs to not just lay in a bed or sit in a wheelchair all day long. He needs his parents to live forever, but it that’s not possible, he’ll need someone that he knows & trusts. He needs someone that will hold him like his mother, give him endless numbers of kisses. Someone that will stand up for him & his rights. Someone that can drive him to endless doctor appointments. Find the right doctors, treatments, and never give up on him. He needs someone that will be there all the days of his life. Is that too much to ask?

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