A Prayer For Memorial Day

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day Holiday in the US, I thought it’s fitting to take a moment to pray for our Armed Forces. While I realize that not everyone who reads the posts on this site might share my beliefs, I hope nobody would find this prayer offensive. Furthermore, I hope everyone, in their own way, would take a moment to think of the courageous men and women who have served and are serving us.

Father God, as we remember the men and women who lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today, we thank You for each and everyone of them. We thank you for the sacrifice they have made to fight for our country and everything we hold dear. We also thank you for their families, Lord, who made the sacrifice right along with them.

Father, we lift up to You the ones who are still with us.Those who have served, but are still paying the price for their service, heal them Lord. Lift the memories that are holding them captive and loose this stronghold on them. Heal their bodies, especially those who have lost a limb. Those who are still serving right now, protect them, oh Lord. May they always be covered by Your mantle of protection. May You send warring angels to surround them. May You thwart the plans the enemy has for them. May their foot not strike the stone. May they come home in sound mind and body to the loved ones who are anxiously waiting for them.

Father, we lift up their families. Lord, replace their anxiety and worry with peace and comfort. Give them the most restful sleep they have ever had today. Let them know, Lord, that You have their loved ones in the palm of Your hands.

Father, may they know today how much You love them. May they also know how much we love and appreciate them. We pray in the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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